John Deere collaborates with Microsoft

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John Deere is launching a new dealer business system using Microsoft Dynamics 365. The system will provide a common technology platform for many aspects of a dealer’s business, enabling new opportunities for growth, innovation, and customer insights for dealers. Both companies will use their expertise to deliver this new and innovative technology.

The Dynamics 365 platform is a powerful foundation for the next generation dealer business system, with the ability to be configured based on customer needs. The technology aligns with John Deere’s Smart Industrial strategy and digitalization efforts of the company and John Deere dealers.

“We are positioning dealers to align with Deere’s growing focus on technology and unlocking value for our customers,” said Siva Ganesh, vice president, John Deere Global IT. “This new, common dealer business platform will allow John Deere and our dealers to engage with each other more efficiently and gain new insights.”

John Deere’s network of independent dealers have delivered solid customer support for decades. Now, by pairing John Deere’s products and innovation with a more efficient and integrated technology platform the dealer network will be enabled to realize:

  • Growth through deep and actionable customer and market understanding
  • Increased operational performance through efficient processes and trusted insights
  • Enhanced system capabilities, security, scalability, and mobility
  • Exceptional and consistent customer experiences with John Deere products and services

To support these outcomes, Dynamics 365 applications will seamlessly integrate John Deere dealers’ sales, rental, aftermarket, and administrative capabilities to enable higher levels of process automation and insights for decision making.

“With Microsoft Dynamics 365, all key parts of the dealership will be connected,” said Ray Smith, Vice President, Supply Chain, Business Application and Platform, Microsoft. “Dealers will be empowered to collaborate across locations and departments. They’ll have the insights to make critical decisions, take advantage of new trends, disrupt, adapt, and reimagine what’s possible. It will also enable them to develop a more effective and efficient ecosystem to anticipate needs and take care of their customers.”

The Dynamics 365-based dealer business system is currently being developed and will have a multi-year roll-out.

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