BKT launches new interactive website

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Digital, interactive and full of new content, the new BKT website was designed to engage with every user. The site has something for operators and end users, through first-hand accounts, case studies and product presentations, with extensive new pages dedicated to sustainability issues.

BKT’s new website is now online after an in-depth restyling and redesign of the browsing experience. From interactive graphics to multi-specialized content, the new platform delivers a comfortable and user-friendly environment for users, with no lack of exclusive content, first-hand accounts and constantly updated information.

An innovative and integrated hub where content is at the center; each product page is enriched with consistently detailed and useful information, including videos of products in action, data sheets, exclusive case studies, and insights that help users choose the best tires for their needs.

Immersive experience

The website’s revamped aesthetics follows the latest digital trends, while maintaining BKT’s brand identity. Everything has been made much more visual and photographic, striving to convey BKT’s values and corporate goals through images alone.

The new website features specific hubs for the three main sectors: Agriculture, OTR and Industrial. A segmentation that allows users to be fully immersed in their field of expertise through multi-specialized navigation and exclusive information, including products, events, and updated news.

Blogs at the core

The blog section, a key part of the website, remains prominent but with a new look and style, with weekly insights directly recounted from the voices of BKT employees.

In addition to showcasing the BKT Universe, the blog leads users through readings, reports, interviews, and curiosities gleaned to fascinate and intrigue everyone looking to be a part of the large BKT family and, last but not least, to stay up to date on industry news and trends.

Past and future

While the BKT website is new, its core values remain unchanged: offering quality, serving as a model of virtuous entrepreneurship attentive to people and the environment, sharing and inclusion.

BKT thrives in this revamped space, projecting itself into the future by sharing knowledge about environmental issues that affect the future of our planet.

The expansion of the space dedicated to Sustainability shows BKT’s increasing focus on innovation as a key objective for putting our planet and the people who live on it at the center of business.

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