Merge Maxx front belt rake from Kuhn

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Kuhn expands its range of belt mergers with the release of the Merge Maxx 440 F front end model. This machine combines the will to harvest forage with the lowest possible contamination and the need to reduce the operating costs of harvesting machines.

Less impurities and the absence of stones in the forage are often requested by the users of these machines. This model is aimed at different types of users. Complementary to the Merge Maxx 760, 950 and  1090 models, the Merge Maxx 440 F is a front model that can work alone, in combination with one of the other models of the range or a GA rotor rake.

Windrowing serving the harvesting chain

The Merge Maxx 440 F model is fitted with two 1 m wide belts to optimize forage transport and side windrow formation. The belt tension adjustment is centralized and tool-free.

The 3m pick-up width with a windrow delivery over approximately 1.40m, offers all the versatility that makes the Merge Maxx range successful. The delivery can be done on 1 or 2 sides, ideal for optimizing the formation of the rear windrow and thus facilitate the following operations (baling, handling and storage of bales, etc.). It is also a good solution for separating excessively large windrows for easier drying.

With the separate delivery, forage is distributed between both sides (a Kuhn exclusive), resulting in a rear central windrow of very homogeneous shape and density, whatever rear machine is used. Thus, baling of round bales is facilitated, wrapping of perfectly cylindrical bales being favourable to their conservation as well as their storage.

The small-diameter pick-up, with its Windguard reel, optimizes forage collection, lift and transfer to the belts. Depending on the forage volume, the Windguard roller reel self-adjusts up / down to achieve the best forage flow to the belts.

Remarkable ground following

An angular travel range of +/- 10 ° via ball joints allows the machine to follow ground unevenness. For perfect stability during U-turns, in bends and on the road, a rocker effectively and automatically locks the pendulum device when the machine is raised.

A hydraulic suspension also constantly protects the sward. The forage pick-up is clean. Finally, two large rotating skids guide the machine to prevent scraping the soil and to protect the sward during tractor lateral movements in bends. They are adjustable in height to adapt to multiple situations (cutting height, type of forage, straw windrowing). The machine also maintains an optimal hitching angle.

User comfort is taken care of

Working mode, belt speed and windrow formation can be adjusted directly from the tractor cab, without the driver having to get out. A work pressure gauge is placed in the driver’s field of vision to alert him to any abnormal pressure increase in the machine. The rear cover of the forage evacuation channel is made of a translucent material and ensures visibility of the forage flow during work. Optional equipment is also available such as a containment net to limit the spreading of plant residues that could fill the tractor grille, or a set of 2 rear-view mirrors to improve the driver’s lateral visibility.

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