Kubota celebrates century of engine production

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Kubota Corporation celebrates the 100th anniversary of their engine business. At this occasion the company launched the special “Kubota Engine Discovery 100th Anniversary” website.

Since it began production of the Agricultural Oil Engine Type A in 1922, Kubota has continued to deliver engines as power sources for various industrial equipment. Thus far, it has distributed a cumulative total of over 30 million engines for industrial use throughout the world. As an engine manufacturer, Kubota has consistently expanded its engine lineup, contributed to the creation of a more comfortable lifestyle environment, and supported the future of people and the Earth.

Kubota has not only supplied its engines as power sources for its own products, but also for the products of other industrial machine manufacturers throughout the world. The products using these engines span a variety of applications, including agricultural and construction machinery as well as power generators. Kubota currently manufactures 3,000 different types.

Kubota engines have a compact design that provides high power density. After earning support from customers throughout the globe, Kubota is proud to hold the top share worldwide for industrial diesel engines up to 100 horsepower.

Kubota has consistently pioneered engines globally under ever-stricter emission regulations and will always strive to provide an even broader lineup of products to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.

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