Troubleshooting app supports Kubota M5 series

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Kubota has updated Kubota Diagnostics, an app to diagnose failures in farm and construction machinery, in order to expand its coverage of supported models.

Kubota Diagnostics is a smartphone app designed for use by service technicians. It provides a diagnostic flow process for pinpointing failures based on actual symptoms and error codes displayed on the driver’s control panel. Using 3D models and augmented reality (AR) to indicate what needs to be inspected, the app facilitates the prompt and efficient fault diagnosis, thus reducing machinery downtime. Its service is currently available in the U.S.

When the service started in 2020, the app only supported some lines of small construction machinery, but its scope has now been expanded to include M5 Series tractors (92 – 105 HP range). The M5 Series is the flagship series of Kubota’s medium-size tractor line in the U.S. This update will allow more users to reduce machinery downtime.

Going forward, Kubota will expand the scope of products and countries/regions it supports, thus improving the quality of its after-sales service.

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