Gleaner marks 100th anniversary

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AGCO Corporation celebrates the centennial anniversary of the Gleaner combine harvester brand. The 2023 model year marks 100 years of innovation and a simple harvest experience.

“From the first self-propelled harvester to our innovative S9 Super Series combines, Gleaner provides the reliability and experience North American farmers count on,” said Matt LeCroy, marketing director, hay and forage North America for AGCO Corporation. “We’ve spent a century focused on building the best combine for farmers in the field. Staying true to our core competency allows us to offer high productivity and grain quality, and more cost-effective equipment. We’re excited to celebrate this important milestone with Gleaner fans, old and new, as sales open for model year 2023 equipment.”

Meeting harvesting needs from the start

In 1923, Curtis, Edwin, and Ernest Baldwin developed the Gleaner combine to make harvesting more efficient, less labor intensive and more enjoyable for the farmer. Prior to the invention of the self-propelled harvester, crews of up to 12 were required to cut, bind, thresh, and bag the grain for storage. The Baldwin brothers, who farmed in central Kansas and ran a custom harvesting crew, recognized the productivity and economic benefits of combining these processes with one machine.

The Baldwin brothers’ innovative approach to quality, comfort and straightforward design remains the guiding principles of every Gleaner combine built since 1923. Today, Gleaner continues to push the boundaries of product quality with farmer focused designs. Gleaner combines offer the innovations farmers need for productivity, versatility, and comfort without being overly engineered. Features like the Natural Flow™ transverse rotor system provide smoother material flow and eliminate pinch points in high-moisture and green-stem conditions. Large-diameter rotors and constant-pitch helical vanes provide more capacity and minimize grain loss for maximum productivity.

Additionally, Gleaner cabs are designed to keep farmers comfortable during long days in the field. They are equipped with a luxury air-ride seat, an armrest-mounted control console, a large entry door and an advanced climate-control system.

A century of innovation and improvement

Gleaner continued to improve combine design in response to those who depended on the machines the most — farmers and custom harvesters. Gleaner combines were the first to incorporate a rasp bar threshing cylinder located directly after the header. This design created more consistent threshing and allowed for a larger cleaning area in a smaller machine.

Understanding that visibility and comfort are critical requirements of operators, Gleaner combines continued to feature a center-line mounted cab and rear engine deck — rather than front-mounted engines and off-set cabs favored by other manufacturers. To provide more efficiency and productivity to keep pace with changing agricultural process, Gleaner introduced the first 12-row corn head and the industry’s first and only transverse rotary combine with the Natural Flow processor. Gleaner provided more flexibility for custom harvesters and farmers with the first draper head with a fully flexible cutter bar, the DynaFlex and the first Class 8 transverse rotary combine, the S88.

Specialized harvesting experience

The current series of Gleaner combines continues the traditions established by the Baldwin brothers. The S9 Super Series produces better grain samples with less effort and economic input from the farmer. The fully welded frame and intelligent use of components to transfer power makes the S9 Super Series a light and efficient combine in every class size. The Natural Flow processor provides a high quality grain sample while the spacious grain tanks, with a capacity of up to 390 bushels, allow for optimal productivity.

“The simple and straightforward design of the Gleaner combine, that has been refined over the last century, offers our customers a special harvesting experience,” LeCroy said. “As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we continue to look to the future of agriculture and keep our sights focused on designing combines that meet the needs of tomorrow’s farmer.”

For more information on the S9 Super Series or model year 2023 releases, click on the image below.

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