Smart feeding with Topcon TAP software

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With Connected Feed Management TAP Feed, Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) introduces a modern software for feed management that, among other things, allows for a direct connection with the feeder mixer wagon.

By means of this cloud-based solution, components, recipes and premixes for individual feeding groups as well as feeding lists and groups can be created and easily managed digitally. The TAP Feed App is a user-friendly and simple precision solution for cattle farmers: in addition to complete feeding management, it also enables documentation and – to the extent desired in each individual case – the digital export and exchange of selected data records with the farm’s consultant, for example.

From ration recipe to documentation

As Topcon’s TAP Feed App optimally interlinks all steps from filling the feed mixer wagon – or the stationary feed mixer – to tracking and logging, this management software provides dairy farmers with an organised approach. Thanks to its intuitive functionality, the TAP Feed App allows for a smooth transition from paper to digital recording. It includes feeding groups, recipes and the different loads for the feeder mixer wagon as well as an exportable protocol, thus providing the exact and complete overview at all times.

About 50 per cent of the expenses of livestock farms are related to feed-stuff. Against this background, Topcon’s all-in-one solution for precision feeding offers an effective approach to achieving full control and transparency. The latest ration recommendations of the feeding advisor can be easily implemented – and the implementation be monitored – without the need for feed information on paper. The scales of the feeder mixer wagon, for example, not only allow for recording the weight of the individual components but also for the improvement of uniform rations and the reduction of feed losses.

The TAP Feed App comes at no charge, features the latest Bluetooth Digi-Star displays or weight converter and ensures a smooth transition to digital feed management also for new customers. The app is compatible with most Android and iOS mobile devices and available for free via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

TAP Feed at a glance

TAP Feed makes smart feeding easy. For better connectivity and data availability, the modern software for feed management is now integrated into the Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP). Feed lists, feed groups and components as well as feed mixer wagons can be easily managed here. It is possible, for example, to directly access the display of the feeder mixer wagon via smartphone. Likewise, the mixing can be controlled and the data directly be uploaded to the cloud-based TAP Feed. Rations can also be created and shared with trusted third parties to further optimise profitability, traceability and transparency of feeding.

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