Kubota acquires Pulverizadores Fede

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Kubota Holdings Europe B.V. (KHE), a subsidiary of Kubota Corporation, acquires 100% of the stock of Pulverizadores Fede S.L. in Spain, manufacturer and distributor of specialized crop protection machines.

In Europe, the Specialty Crops market is a thriving business field. Kubota regards this as an important market for its tractor business, which sells narrow-width tractors that are suitable for working in Specialty Crops.

Pulverizadores Fede, which operates mainly in Spain and Portugal, is a dedicated manufacturer of crop care implements called “sprayers” that are used for pest and diseases control in the Specialty Crops market. Its strength is in proprietary high-end technologies which are already in practical use, including a smart & connected sprayer that controls chemical volume and airflow in real time while using a sensor to measure the heights of trees to be sprayed precisely, and a system that manages information on a map, such as the area to be sprayed and the amounts of chemicals.

In the Specialty Crops market, mechanization and precision are not as advanced as in the field of upland farming for grains and other crops, so expectations are particularly high for use of smart agricultural technologies in pest control operations, where tightened environmental regulations call for reduced chemical usage.

By bringing Pulverizadores Fede on board as a subsidiary, the Kubota Group will expand its line-up of implements for the Specialty Crops market and strengthen compatibility between tractors and implements, thereby contributing to reduction of the environmental impact and fuel consumption through efficient spraying that uses less chemicals and water.

Pulverizadores Fede will keep its brand name, the location of its headquarters and the management will remain as it is currently. KHE and Pulverizadores Fede staff will work closely by utilizing current organization of both groups in order to accomplish their development and business goals.

Going forward, Kubota Group will accelerate expansion of their business in the Specialty Crops market with a view to collaborating with start-ups in which they are involved.

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