Grammar awards scientists for spine research

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Endowed with prize money of 20,000 euros, the Grammer European Spine Journal Award was presented for the 21st time in Vienna. Together with the “European Spine Journal”, Grammer is rewarding outstanding achievements in basic research and applied science.

Back pain is one of the main causes of work absenteeism worldwide and is often associated with spinal disc degeneration or deformity. The award-winning research consortium from Ulm University, Germany, with ten scientists from universities in Germany, Portugal and Sweden investigated the role that dysregulation of the body’s own defense system may play in intervertebral disc diseases. For the first time, they were able to demonstrate a connection between damaged disc tissue and cell-destroying plasma proteins from the body’s own TCC (Terminal Complement Complex) protective mechanism. This may lead to new therapeutic options for degenerative intervertebral disc diseases that specifically work by activating the TCC system.

Scientifically based product development

For Grammer, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of seats for commercial vehicles, ergonomic seating is of crucial importance. The company has been actively supporting spine research for over 20 years through its involvement in the European Spine Journal Award. The resulting contacts and a large network give access to the latest scientific findings, which in turn are directly incorporated in product development at Grammer.

With an endowment of 20,000 euros, the highest amount in global spine research, the award is regularly presented during “Eurospine”, the largest European spine congress. A panel of experts select the best paper that was published in the previous year in the prestigious “European Spine Journal”.

Award ceremony at Vienna: Dr. Susanne Frohriep, R&D Senior Manager Global Ergonomics, Usability & Design at Grammer, award winner Graciosa Q. Teixeira, Prof. Everard Munting, President Eurospine Foundation (from left)

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