Steyr launches tailormade new loader line

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A new line-up of front loaders matching 58-240 hp Steyr tractors, from the Kompakt S to the Absolut CVT, is now available from Steyr dealers, the result of a fresh approach aimed at ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and support for the tractor-loader combination as a whole.

The all-new Steyr ‘S’ front loader line has been developed to enable a ‘one stop shop’ purchase at the customer’s local Steyr dealer, allowing them to select the ideal tractor/loader combination for their specific needs. Enhanced specification and customer support means the new range aims to even more closely match customers’ needs and their expectation of Steyr products and service.

A full range of capacities and specifications

There are 20 models across two ranges in the new Steyr ‘S’ front loader line. They are offered with premium specifications, and are compatible with STEYR tractor ranges from the Kompakt S and Kompakt models, through the Multi, Expert CVT and Profi series, to the Impuls CVT and Absolut CVT. A range of implements/attachments can be ordered directly with the tractor and front loader.

The flagship T range is designed for demanding material handling work, and comprises 10 models with lift heights from 3.75 m to 4.70 m and lift capacities from 1,390 kg to 2,720 kg. A proven hydraulic self-levelling system features integral compensation cylinders connected to the implement dumping hydraulic cylinders, for high accuracy and faster cycle times. For even greater comfort an “Auto-Unload System” option synchronises grab-opening and bucket-dumping functions. As they are fully routed inside the front loader frame and cross bar, the hydraulic lines are well protected from damage.

The versatile and durable U front loader range, with mechanical self-levelling, is ideal for everyday handling tasks. As with the T models, the hydraulic lines are routed inside the frame. Maximum lift heights cover 3.50-4.50 m, with maximum lift capacities from 1,210-2,230 kg.

Clear numbering

For both the T and U ranges, the “Shock Eliminator” shock absorber system is standard, ensuring comfortable driving when transporting loads. The hitching and unhitching of the front loader arms is easy and quick, thanks to the automatic “Fitlock 2+ System”.

The numbering of the new Steyr S front loader range provides a clear explanation of each model’s capabilities. As an example, the S4020T has a maximum lifting height of 4.0 metres and lifting capacity of 2.0 tonnes, with the ‘T’ denoting the premium range specification.

The factory-installed loader-ready kit comes with a common bracket and “Mach System” multi quick-coupler for fast connection of hydraulic and electrical services. Front loader control is via the tractor hydraulic valves and joysticks with third and fourth hydraulic service functions. For better stability a robust cross bar is standard, and there are integrated engine hood guards.

With the new range of front loaders, the front loader will be covered by the same process for warranty and product support as a Steyr tractor alone. Front loader spare parts will also be treated by dealers and Steyr itself with the same high standard of stocking and support as Steyr tractors.

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